• 02.09.-27.11.2022 •

Sabrina Podemski, Antonia Freisburger, Simon Bongard, Antonia Rodrian, Pia Krajewski

For the exhibition YUBI sonneundsolche expanded its regular exhibition space into the big adjecent studio. On the occasion of its five year anniversary sonneundsolche invited Sabrina Podemski and Simon Bongard to join Antonia Freisburger, Pia Krajewski and Antonia Rodrian for a big group show during DC Open. The show consists of paintings, drawings and an installation in the Vitrine as well as the release of the first edition of ‚Bobzine‘, a self published magazine by Leonie and Antonia Rodrian.

Only the Vitrine by Sabrina Podemski is still on view until the 27th of November.

sonneundsolche • offspace in Düsseldorf